Fiber laser cutting machine compare with Plasma cutting machine

Equipment cost Low High
Cutting result Poor perpendicularity:reach 10 degreeCutting slot width: around 3mmheavy adhering slagcutting edge roughheat affects greatly

not accuracy enough

cutting design limited

Poor perpendicularity:within 1 degreeCutting slot width: within 0.3mmno adhering slagcutting edge smoothheat affects small

high accuracy

no limited on cutting design

Thickness range Thick plate Thin plate、Medium plate
Using cost power consumption、Touch the mouth loss quick-wear part、Gas、power consumption
processing efficiency Low High
Feasibility rough processing、thick metal、Low productivity precise processing、thin and medium metal、High productivity

plasma cutting result

PLASMA CUTTING DISADVANTAGE: 1、The cutting heat affects greatly;2、Poor perpendicular degree on cutting edge, slope effect;3、Scrape easily on edge;4、small pattern impossible;5、not accuracy; 6、Cutting slot width;

fiber laser cutting result

ADVANTAGE OF LASER CUTTING: 1、small cutting heat affects ;2、good perpendicular degree on cutting edge,;3、no adhering slag,good consistency ;4、valid for hige precise design, small hole is valid;5、accuracy within 0.1mm;6、Cutting slot thin;


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