• Auto Parts
    Post time: Jul-11-2018

    Automobile industry is highly concentrated high and new technology industry, as a kind of advanced manufacture method, laser in the developed industrial countries in Europe and the us has 50% ~ 70% of car parts is accomplished by laser processing, automobile industry mainly by laser cutting and ...Read more »

  • Display Shelf
    Post time: Jul-11-2018

    CNC laser cutting with high precision, high speed,high stability,especially the advantages of flexible machining mould opening (without), has become the developing direction of the sheet metal processing technology, to replace the CNC punching and shearing machine. VTOP LASER cost-effective high...Read more »

  • Pipe Laser Cutting Machine For Fitness Equipment Industry
    Post time: Jul-11-2018

    “Fitness is a fashion.” With the continuous development of society, people are demanding more and more for their health and stature, and fitness equipment is a product that people who are pursuing healthy and fashionable life often contact with. With the upsurge of fitness, the demand...Read more »

  • Fully Automatic Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine For Metal Furniture And Office Supplies
    Post time: Jul-11-2018

    The application of fiber laser cutting machine is very extensive. Apart from applications in sheet metal processing, kitchen and bathroom, hardware cabinets, mechanical equipment, elevator processing and other industries, it is now also applied to the furniture industry. Its super cutting and hol...Read more »

  • Jewelry and Watch
    Post time: Jul-11-2018

    In the jewelry and watch industry, just like the ring, necklace, pendant, brand logo, watch case, spectacle frames, spectacle lenses, legs and other products laser cutting. And for these small products, Vtop Laser small format cutting machine GF-1309 is enough, and for the jewelries, some reflec...Read more »

  • Kitchenware
    Post time: Jul-11-2018

    With the growing role of cookware, kitchen utensils processing more and more attention. In the kitchen industry, with a variety of metal materials, stainless steel, fire board material, aluminum / steel, etc., but the use of stainless steel is particularly prevalent.Thus, diversification, effici...Read more »

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