Fiber Laser Tube And Sheet Cutting Machine Applied To Sports Equipment In Russia

This customer is one of the biggest manufacture of sports equipments in Russia,and the company was engaged in the production of complex equipping of gyms, sports schools and fitness centers, such as goats, horses, logs, football gates, basketball shields, etc. for general and sports schools, kindergartens; With the range of products significantly expanded,this customer had to introduced two sets golden laser cutting machine to meet up with their production requirement.

fiber laser sheet cutting machine

According to the customers’ products production requirement,we golden vtop laser recommended this customer with one set 1000w pipe laser cutting machine P2060 and the other one set 1000w open type metal sheet laser cutting machine GF-1530.

The Inspection Of The Pipe Laser Cutter By The Russian Customers In Our Factory

sports equipment laser cutter


The two machines are arrived and installed successfully in the customers’ factory.

GF-1530 Machine Demo Video

sheet laser cutting machine

P2060 Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

pipe laser cutting machine

Pipe Laser Cutting Machine Working Video