CNC Pipe / Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Modern Furniture and office Supplies

Pipe laser cutting machine P2060A applied to the metal furniture industry.

The application of fiber laser cutting machine is very extensive. Apart from applications in sheet metal processing, kitchen and bathroom, hardware cabinets, mechanical equipment, elevator processing and other industries, it is now also applied to the furniture industry. Its superb cutting and hollowing process integration The original sluggish cold metal material lit a new starting point for modern metal furniture design!

laser cutting machine for bead frame

Laser cutting technology has completely penetrated into modern furniture decoration. The traditional metal processing technology requires complex processes such as cutting, punching, bending, and deburring, and it takes a lot of time and cost to produce the mold alone, and the production cycle is long. The fiber laser cutting machine can directly eliminate deburring and other processes after cutting, realizing on-site graphics, on-site cutting, and short production cycle. What’s more important is that the laser processing is higher, the quality is better, the effect is better, and the operation is easier.

Compared with traditional processing methods, laser cutting has outstanding advantages such as high precision and high speed. The incision is smooth without burrs, 163matic layout of raw materials, no mold consumption, at the same cost, the same yield, the laser cutting machine can complete more processing of furniture products. At the same time of ensuring the processing precision, it realizes the diversification and multi-functionalization of furniture products, and better meets the diversified and personalized needs of people for home furnishings, and provides the greatest production efficiency and cost reduction.

laser cutting machine for modern furniture


Most of the modern furniture products require the processing of metal pipes, and the professional laser cutting machine of the VTOP laser can realize high-speed and high-quality laser on other types of shaped pipes such as round tubes, rectangular tubes, square tubes, and waist tubes. Cutting, cutting section without burr, smooth and flat.

metal tube laser cutting machine

Recently,one of our Korea customers who owns a big furniture factory,their factory is specialized in designing and producing metal bed frame,and they has introduced five sets 163motic bundle loader fiber laser pipe cutting machine P2060A to meet their production demand.

bed frame laser cutting machine

Four Sets Pipe Laser Cutting Machine Working Well In Our Customer’s Factory

P2060A Machine Technical Parameters

Model number P2060A
Laser power 1000w
Laser source IPG / N-light fiber laser resonator
Tube length 6000mm
Tube diameter 20-200mm
Tube type Round, square, rectangular, oval, OB-type, C-type, D-type,triangle, etc (standard);
Angle steel, channel steel, H-shape steel, L-shape steel, etc (option)
Repeat position accuracy ± 0.03mm
Position accuracy ± 0.05mm
Position speed Max 90m/min
Chuck rotate speed Max 105r/min
Acceleration 1.2g
Graphic format Solidworks, Pro/e, UG, IGS
Bundle size 800mm*800mm*6000mm
Bundle weight Max 2500kg
Other Related Professional Pipe Laser Cutting Machine With 163matic Bundle Loader
Model number P2060A P3080A P30120A
Pipe processing length 6m 8m 12m
Pipe processing diameter Φ20mm-200mm Φ20mm-300mm Φ20mm-300mm
Applicable types of pipes Round, square, rectangular, oval, OB-type, C-type, D-type,triangle, etc (standard);
Angle steel, channel steel, H-shape steel, L-shape steel, etc (option)
Laser source IPG/N-light fiber laser resonator
Laser power 700W/1000W/1500W/2000W/2500W/3000W