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Industry Project Cases

Fiber Laser Cutting Car exhaust pipe

Cross Car Beam Cutting

laser cutting machine for auto parts

Automobile Door Cutting

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Carbon Steel Sheet-Plate

Decoration DIY Cutting

Fiber Laser Cutting Carbon Steel Oval Pipe

Shaped Tubes Cutting

Hot Industry Laser Cutting and Welding Project Case Show

18 Years Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers. Golden Laser Would Like to Show Some Classic Laser Cutting and Welding Applications In Metal Fabrication Industry


Customized Fiber Laser Cutting and Laser Welding Solution Will Afford Once We Get Your Enquiry.

Industry Project Examples List

laser cutting cross car beam

Cross Car Beam in Automobile Industry.

Golden Laser helps one of the famous Automobile brands to set an automatic cross-car beam laser cutting solution line. After the laser tube cutting machine finished the hollowing on the tubes, the Robot Arm will collect the tube before it falls down to the ground, it collects the tubes for bending and hollowing in other positions. It is an automatic production line solution to increase your production efficiency.

laser cutting copper tube for package industry

Package Industry Solution.

Laser cutting copper tubes in the food package industry. Customize high-speed copper tube loading system to ensure high-speed automatic production with tube laser cutting machine. With the Robot collection system and inside cleaning solution, finish the tube with one button.

Advantage of Golden Laser Team

Skillfully Technician Support

Strong fiber laser cutting machine R&D department support you to customize your best automatic laser cutting production line. 

Deep Understanding of Industry Demand

For each industry demand, we make a deep understanding through the discussion and visit of the customer's working room to customize the best solution for them.

Ontime Afterserive and Keep Update

Responsible after-sales team to ensure the good running of the laser cutting machine on our customer side, collect the new demand and update the laser cutting machine on time.

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