Warehouse Storage Pallet Racks Laser Cutting Solutions

Why Metal Laser Tube Cutting Machine Widely Used in Warehouse Storage Pallet Racks Manufacturers now?

Laser Cut Rack is a trend because of the advantage of laser cutting machine. Today we are talking about the how laser cutting traditional Pallet Rack Pallet.

Rack Processing step as below:

Raw materials → automatic punching → cold rolling forming → sizing → flat head → welding → calibration → surface spraying → packaging → finished products

This make the pallet rack very standard, as the production line is very long, it is hard to change a design quickly.

But laser tube cutting machine easy to solve this problem, Laser Cut Rack So Easy!

Because, for some pallet racking system, many parts can be made by square tubes or other special-shaped tubes, laser cutting is flexible to cut and hollowing the different shape and hole according to the new design, it is fast to change the design in the computer and easy to get the real products in a short time.  That is why laser cutting machine also enters into this industry.

Golden Laser’s high-efficiency laser tube cutting machine P3080 suits for diameter from 20-300mm tube cutting.

It is easy to cut the different hole size according to the detailed design demand. The accuracy reaches +-0.1mm great meets the racking system’s production demand.

171122_-_Palletstelling_-_slider_2 We make pallet racks manufactures to customize the perfectly suit your requirement storage racks. They understand that the safety of your employees and the continuity of your logistic processes are crucially important here. Our racks laser tube cutting machine ensures good quality pallet racks production.

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