How To Protect The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In Winter

As winter approaches, the temperature drops sharply. how to protect the fiber laser cutting machine that creates wealth for us?

In fact, the antifreeze principle of the fiber laser cutting machine is to make the antifreeze coolant in the machine not reach the freezing point, so as to ensure that it does not freeze and achieve the antifreeze effect of the machine. There are several specific methods for reference:

Tips 1: Do not turn off the water chiller

Regardless of whether the fiber laser cutting machine is working or not, it is necessary to ensure that the chiller is not turned off without power failure, so that the antifreeze coolant is always in a circulating state, and the normal temperature of the chiller can be adjusted to about 10°C. In this way, the temperature of the antifreeze coolant cannot reach the freezing point, and the fiber laser cutting machine will not be damaged.

Tips 2: Drain the antifreeze coolant

Drain the antifreeze coolant in each part of the equipment through the water outlet of the laser cutting machine, and at the same time inject pure gas to ensure that there is no antifreeze coolant in the entire water circulation cooling system. This can ensure that the fiber laser cutting machine will not be hurt by the low temperature in winter.

Tips 3: Replace the antifreeze

You can buy car antifreeze to add to the machine, but you must choose a big brand of antifreeze. Otherwise, if there are impurities in the antifreeze, it will cause damage to the equipment if it adheres to the pipes of the laser and other components! In addition, antifreeze can not be used as pure water all year round. After winter, the temperature rises must be replaced in time.

Warmly Reminder:

In the second year, before starting the operation of the laser cutting machine, start the mechanical equipment and check the whole machine. Whether various oils and coolants are missing or not, they must be replaced in time, and the cause of deterioration must be found out. In order to better improve the efficiency of the laser cutting machine.