Machinery Laser Cutter-Food Machinery

Machinery Laser Cutter for Food Machinery


With the development of the economy, the manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of digitization, intelligence, and environmental protection. The laser cutter as a member of the automated processing equipment promotes the industrial upgrading of various processing industries.


Are you in the food machinery industry also facing the problem of upgrading? The emergence of high-quality metal fiber laser cutting machines just helps the rapid development of the food machinery industry. Now, let us take a look at how the fiber laser cutting machine helps the food machinery industry develop.


First, Let’s Look at The Classification of Food Machinery

laser cutting for food machinery


Food machinery refers to the mechanical equipment and devices used to process food raw materials into food (or semi-finished products). It is mainly divided into two categories: packaging equipment and food processing machinery. The upgrading of these food machineries and equipment is inseparable from sheet metal processing. The mainstream equipment for sheet metal processing is a fiber laser cutting machine, which has played an important role in upgrading the food machinery industry.


There are generally two processing requirements in the production of food machinery and equipment:


On the one hand, the traditional process of proofing requires multiple links such as mold opening, stamping, plate shearing, and bending.


On the other hand, it is mainly customized in small batches,


Different food types need to design different processing equipment, which requires a lot of manpower, material, and financial resources, and the cost is not low, which directly leads to slow product upgrading and severely hinders the innovation and development of the food machinery industry.


The emergence of laser cutting machines has just solved the above problems in the food machinery industry. It is known for its stability, high speed, high precision, and individuality. Fiber laser cutting machines can cut various metal materials, such as common stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc. There are also different laser cutting machines corresponding to the cutting requirements of sheet metal and pipes.


So For Food machinery, What are the Main Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting:


1. The laser cutting seam is small. The cutting seam is generally between 0.10 and 0.20mm; it can fully meet the accuracy requirements in subsequent welding, and the mechanical equipment made is exquisite in appearance and high in processing accuracy. Greatly improve the competitiveness of your equipment.


2. The cutting surface is smooth. The cutting surface of laser cutting has no burrs and the cut surface is very smooth. It can cut all kinds of thick plates without secondary grinding and processing, which saves you process and labor costs.


3. Security. Laser cutting is non-contact processing, so it is safe and very suitable for food machinery production;


4. The cutting speed is fast, which greatly reduces the production cost, and effectively improves the production efficiency of food machinery, thereby improving the competitiveness of your equipment in the market;


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