Pipe Laser Cutting Machine For Fitness Equipment Industry

“Fitness is a fashion.”

With the continuous development of society, people are demanding more and more for their health and stature, and fitness equipment is a product that people who are pursuing healthy and fashionable life often contact with. With the upsurge of fitness, the demand for fitness equipment has increased dramatically.

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The continuous expansion of the fitness team has brought strong business opportunities for fitness equipment manufacturers. Many fitness equipment companies keep up with the market development situation, increase technological innovation, improve production technology, strive to improve product quality, and enhance product market competitiveness.

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Laser cutting, as the most advanced cutting technology in the fitness equipment industry, is also widely used in this industry. Compared to the traditional sheet metal cutting process, which requires cutting, blanking, and bending, a large number of molds are consumed, but laser cutting machine does not need to pass through these processes and can cut out the workpiece with better quality.

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Its characteristics are mainly reflected in:

1. High precision: Traditional pipe cutting adopts manual method, so each cutting section is different. The pipe laser cutting machine adopts the same fixture system, and the processing software is completed by programming software, and multi-step processing is completed in one time, so the cutting precision is very high .

2. High efficiency: Pipe laser cutting machine can cut several meters of pipe in one minute, more than hundreds of times quicker than traditional manual mode, which means the laser processing has high efficiency.

3. Flexibility: Pipe laser cutting machine can flexibly process various shapes, so designer can do complex designing which is unimaginable under traditional processing methods.

4. Batch processing: The standard pip length is 6 meters. The traditional processing method requires very bulky clamp,but the pipe laser cutting machine can complete pipe positioning easily and quickly, which makes batch processing become possible.

In addition, the laser can complete cutting and punching in various traditional or special-shaped pipe materials such as round, square, elliptical pipe, D-shaped pipe etc. and perform arbitrary complex curve pattern processing on the pipe surface, which is not limited to complex graphics, and after cutting the pipe section does not require secondary processing and can be directly welded, greatly shortening the production period and creating unlimited value for the company.

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Golden laser P series automatic pipe laser cutting machine can cut round, square, rectangle and other shaped pipes with high cutting speed and efficiency. Compared with the traditional cutting, laser cutting is more flexible, no need to build mold, so it saves the new products developing time greatly. Since its cutting speed and precision are very high, so it can save costs and improves efficiency.

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Pipe laser cutting machine features:

● Fully automatic feeding system: round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, etc. can be fully loaded without manual intervention. Shaped tubes can be manually assisted with semi-automatic feeding.

● Advanced chuck system: the chuck self-adjusting center automatically adjusts the clamping force according to the profile specifications, thus it can ensure the thin tube clamps without damaged.

● Corner rapid cutting system: the corners cutting respond speed is very quick and greatly improve cutting efficiency.

● Efficient cutting system: After cutting, the workpiece can be automatically fed to the feeding area.

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