Metal Tube and Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With Rotary Device


  • Model number: GF-1530T
  • Laser source: IPG / nLight fiber laser generator
  • Laser source power: 1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 2500w / 3000w / 4000w
  • Cnc controller: Cypcut
  • Tube length: 3m
  • Tube diameter: 20-200mm
  • Sheet processing area: 1500mm × 3000mm

          Metal Tube and Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With Rotary Device GF-1530T

In order to meet the increasingly complex needs of consumers, Golden Laser is targeted at market demand, independently developed GF-T series sheet and pipe integrated laser fiber cutting machine, one machine dual purpose, this machine solves double cutting needs by one time.

tube and sheet integrated laser cutting machine

• Self-design rotary and sheet working process combination, saving cost and space.

• Available for various diameters of tubes and sizes of sheets.

• Electric-drive motor in rotary device adjust speed freely. Easy operation, lower noisy, high rotary speed, high accuracy, high efficiency cutting machine.

• Intersecting line can be cut. Different diameter tubes can be welded together. Best choice for tubular construction.

Gantry double driving structure, high damping bed, good rigidity, high speed and acceleration

• Open design provides easy loading and unloading,single working table saves space,drawer style tray makes easy collecting and cleaning for the scraps and small parts.

• In the lighting industry, just like the Street lamp, pendant lamp and other lamps etc, the model GF-1530T sheet metal and tube laser cutter is the best choice.

• Can cut up to 12mm carbon steel, 6mm stainless steel, 4mm aluminum, 3mm brass.

• Cutting tube length 3m,4m,6m, diameter from 20-200mm; cutting sheet size 1500×3000mm(standard),1500×4000mm, 1500×6000mm,2000×4000mm,2000×6000mm (optional).

fiber laser machine for cutting metal


Machine Core Parts

1000w fiber laser cutter



Raytools Laser Cutting Head

Laser head with Anti-crash function, Good sealed, high pressure resistant,

auto-tracking system and anti-crash and stop system can protect

good cutting quality and longer the life of lens.

nlight fiber laser cutter


N-light Fiber Laser Generator

Advanced cutting and welding performance

Error-free and stable processing of highly reflective materials

Self-developed design for high machine uptime and efficient field service

Resistant to extreme environmental conditions

fiber laser cutting machine






Water Cooling System

The water chiller with PLC program control,

Temperature control accuracy within ±0.3,

constant temperature control both heating and cooling function,

especially Noise free








metal sheet tube laser cutter




Working Table

High precision CNC fixed working table



metal sheet laser cutter price

Guide Rail

Precise Rack and Pinion ,double drive,making machine run more stable





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  • Applicable Industry

    Sheet metal, hardware, kitchenware, electronic, automotive parts, glasses, advertising, craft, lighting, decoration, jewelry, etc

    Furniture, medical device, fitness equipment, oil exploration, display shelf, farm machinery, bridge, boating, structure parts, etc


    laser cutting machine for metal furniture

    Applicable material

    Specially for carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, alloy, titanium, aluminum, brass, copper, etc

    Round, square, rectangular, oval, waist round and other shapes tube.

    metal tube laser cutting machine

    Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet and Tube

    cnc fiber laser cutting machine

           Metal Tube and Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With Rotary Device
    Model number
    Laser power
    1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 2500w / 3000w / 4000w
    Laser head
    Imported Raytools laser cutting head
    Laser generator working mode
    Laser source
    N-light fiber laser resonator
    Working area for sheet processing (L×W)
    Pipe/Tube processing (L×Φ)
    L3000mm, Φ20~200mm(Φ20~300mm for option)
    Tube category
    Round, square,rectangular tubes
    Positioning accuracy X, Y and Z axle
    Repeat positioning accuracy X, Y and Z axle
    Maximum positioning speed of X and Y axle
    Control system
    Driving mode
    YASKAWAservo motor from JAPAN, Double rack and pinion from YYC,HIWIN linear guide transmitting system from Taiwan
    Auxiliary gas system
    Dual-pressure gas route of 3 kinds of gas sources
    Max cutting thickness ability
    12mm carbon steel, 6mm stainless steel
    Format supported
    AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.
    Power supply
    AC220V 50/60Hz / AC380V 50/60Hz
    Other Related Models Dual Sheet And Tube / Pipe Cnc Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 
    Model number
    Working area for sheet processing (L×W)
    Tube length
    Tube diameter
    Φ20~200mm (Φ20~300mm for option)
    Laser source
    IPG/nLlight fiber laser resonator
    Laser power
    1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 2500w / 3000w / 4000w

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