Golden Laser’s Fiber Laser In Melbourne Australia

At the beginning of 2019, the transformation and upgrading strategy plan of Goldenlaser’s fiber laser division has been carried out. Firstly, it starts from the industrial application of fiber laser cutting machine, and turns the industry user group from the low end to the high end by subdivision, and then to the intelligent and automatic development of equipment and synchronous upgrade of hardware and software. Finally, according to the global market application analysis, the distribution channels and direct sales outlets are set up in each country.

In the 2019, when trade disputes intensified, Goldenlaser faced difficulties and actively explored positive market measures with global exhibitions.

Especially in May 2019, we Golden Laser took the semi automatic fiber laser tube cutting machine P2060 2500w to attend the Aus-Tech 2019 in Melbourne Australia, and in the exhibition site, our tube laser machine attracted so many customers and was loved by the customers who were engaged in tubes processing, metal racks, metal furniture, automotive industry etc. We had already got the order of the tube laser cutter from some customers in the site.

Exhibitions scene

fiber laserlaser tube cutter tube laserpipe laser cutter

To find the same machine as attached in the exhibition site, you can find the machine specifications here:

Semi Automatic Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine P2060

tube laser cutter (1)

Golden Laser Tube Cutter Demo Video In The Customer Site