Welcome To Golden Laser Booths in Wuxi Machine Tool Exhibition 2021

Welcome To Golden Laser Booths in Wuxi Machine Tool Exhibition 2021

Golden Laser Booths in Wuxi Machine Tool Exhibition

We are glad to show our Newest fiber laser cutting machine in Wuxi Machine Tool Exhibition in 2021. It inculding high power fiber laser cutting machine and laser tube cutter which is popular in the Metal Processing Market.

Golden Laser’s Booth No. B3    21


High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine -GF-2060JH


Laser Power from 8000-30000W for optional

High level of safety protection standards for high power laser cutter. Fully enclosed structure design, and the visible light is shielded without dead corners during the cutting process.

The observation window uses materials with anti-radiation function to prevent laser hazards. High-strength bed and heat-resistant design:

The machine is welded with full-thick steel plates, and the overall structural strength is doubled.

The design of the laser heating surface of the bed is optimized and reduced to avoid high-temperature thermal deformation of the bed due to long-term high-power laser irradiation. Realize long-term batch and stable cutting of thick plates to provide a strong guarantee and prolong the service life of the machine tool.


Automatic Tube Cut Machine – P1260A


The automatic tube fiber laser tube cutting machine including full automatic feeding, cutting and receiving of small tubes diameter from 20-120mm, it is a laser tube cutting device that can realize the full automatic feeding, cutting and receiving of small tubes. The overall structure design is small and the dynamic performance is high. The equipment configuration is fully designed and matched according to the characteristics of the small tube cutting. , Is a tube cutting tool with the dual advantages of small tube laser cutting effect and efficiency.

Automatic intelligent processing mode: small tube batches are automatically loaded, automatically cut, and automatically collected into the frame in one go. The intelligent production mode is also very easy to integrate into the automated production line.

The new-architecture cutting system gives full play to the equipment’s maximum benefit: based on the platform of the previous generation of professional CNC system, in-depth development for the characteristics of small pipe cutting, forming a high-motion performance, more precise small pipe cutting process, more intelligent pipe support control mode, and brand new intelligence The cloud platform for chemical processing data management will maximize the benefits of the overall equipment application.

The structure design is compact: which saves space and cost: the overall structure of the equipment is more compact, and the floor space is small. A single machine can realize a 40-foot standard freight container for loading and transportation, which can greatly save costs.

Higher processing efficiency: The processing efficiency of small tube workpieces of similar products is compared on the very small tube fiber laser tube cutting machine and the general-purpose fiber laser tube cutting machine. The cutting efficiency of the very small tube fiber laser tube cutting machine is increased by 40%.


Laser Tube Cutter-P2060B ( Economical Choice )


The general-purpose fiber laser tube cutting machine is a tube laser cutting equipment with high cost performance and comprehensive application functions. It can not only cut round pipes, square pipes, elliptical pipes, but also any pipe types such as channel steel, I-beam, and special-shaped pipes. Compared with the purchase investment of laser pipe cutting machine with almost the same processing capacity, the cost can be reduced by 50%.

The operation is simple and easy to use: no NC code program is required, and the production mode can be started by importing three-dimensional graphics. The editing and processing processes are displayed dynamically in real time, and what you see is what you get.

The equipment is equipped with a professional pipe cutting bus control system: FSCUT5000 bus cutting system is integrated with the control, matching the bus high-speed servo motor, the processing is more stable and efficient, the equipment failure rate is greatly reduced, and the equipment maintenance is simpler.

At the same time, with the tube nesting software TubesT, it can realize a variety of tube cutting processes such as coedge cutting, and supports the online graphics import and drawing of the system, which saves time and materials.

In addition, it can also realize the semi-automatic feeding of pipe batches by matching the simple feeding machine, which improves the feeding efficiency and saves labor. And the processed workpieces can be automatically collected and stacked into storage by matching manipulators to improve production automation capabilities.


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