News - New naming for fiber optic cutting machine series in 2024

New naming for fiber optic cutting machine series in 2024

New naming for fiber optic cutting machine series in 2024

2024 New Series of Golden Laser Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Golden Laser, as a leader in the laser technology industry, always takes innovation as the driving force and quality as the core, and is committed to providing efficient and stable laser equipment solutions to global users.


In 2024, the company decided to reorganize its fiber optic cutting machine products and adopt a new serialized naming method to better meet market demand and improve user experience.


During the naming process, Golden Laser Company fully considered multiple factors such as market demand, user feedback, and brand positioning. The newly named series of equipment is not only easy to remember and spread, but also highlights the technical strength and market position of Golden Laser Company.


The new naming method classifies fiber optic cutting machine products according to performance, use and characteristics, and demonstrates the unique advantages of the products in a concise and concise naming method.


The new range of fiber laser cutting machines includes:

Plate: C series, E series, X series, U series, M series, H series.

Pipe materials: F series, S series, i series, Mega series.

Pipe loading machine: A series

Three-dimensional robot laser cutting: R series

Laser welding: W series


The "C" series is a laser cutting equipment that does not take up too much space, but also ensures CE-compliant safety protection, intelligent control, and convenient use.


The "E" series is an economical, practical and efficient single-table laser cutting machine for cutting metal sheets.


The "X" series provides customers with laser cutting equipment with automated loading and unloading, higher safety protection and efficient processing capabilities based on economy and high performance.


The "Ultra" series is an industrial 4.0-level laser cutting equipment that integrates a matching material warehouse for unmanned automatic loading and unloading, automatic nozzle replacement and cleaning, and an intelligent control system.


The "M" Series are dual-work platform, large-format, high-power laser cutting machines for safe, efficient processing.


The "H" series is a large-scale laser cutting machine that is based on large format and high-power cutting needs and can be modularly customized.


"F" is an economical, durable, and widely applicable laser pipe cutting machine for pipe processing.


"S" series very small tube laser tube cutting machine. It is a laser tube cutting machine designed for small tubes. It integrates intelligent control system, small tube clamping configuration, fully automated feeding, cutting and rewinding to achieve high-speed and high-precision cutting of small tubes.


The "i" series fiber laser pipe cutting machine is an intelligent, digital, automated and all-round high-end laser pipe cutting product developed based on the future trend of automated pipe processing.


The "MEGA" series are 3-chuck and 4-chuck heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machines specially developed for laser cutting applications of over-large, over-weight, over-length, and pipes.


The "AUTOLOADER" series is used to automatically transport pipes to laser pipe cutting machines to realize automated pipe laser cutting processing.


The "R" series is a laser cutting equipment developed based on a three-dimensional robot system platform that can meet complex three-dimensional curved surface cutting.


The "W" series is a highly portable laser welding tool that features high-quality welding results, low cost, easy maintenance, and wide applicability.


The upgrade of the product series and the improvement of the naming method are Golden Laser's positive response to market demand and its emphasis on customer experience.


In the future, Golden Laser Company will continue to adhere to the concepts of innovation, quality and service first, and continue to launch more excellent laser cutting equipment to meet the changing market and the upgrading of user needs.


We believe that this series of laser cutting and welding machines will help our customers achieve greater success in their markets.

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