Nesting Software Lantek Flex3d For Golden Vtop Tube Laser Cutting Machines

Lantek Flex3d Tubes is a CAD/CAM software system for designing, nesting and cutting parts of tubes and pipes, which plays a value role in Golden Vtop Laser Pipe Cutting Machine P2060A.

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To meet the needs of industry applications, irregulared-shape pipes cutting has become very common; And Lantek flex3d can support various types of tubes including irregulared-shape pipes. (Standard pipes:Equal diameter pipes such as round, square, OB-type, D-type, triangular, oval etc. Meanwhile, flex3d is equipped with profile cutting function modules to cut angle steel, channel and H-shaped steel, etc.)

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Lantek Flex3d Tubes integrates with various kinds of tubular geometry importers such as SAT and IGES. This software allows 3D design to be simple and intuitive. It gives a true vision of the resulting design profile that will eventually be cut on a machine.

Spanish Lantek software – Focus on tube parts design module


 Flex3d Main Operation Interface

Include abundant programming operation information such as spare parts list, material list, nesting list, parts preview, nesting picture preview.

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FLEX3D Professional Pipe CAD Module

Automatic nesting fuction can be automatically matched with raw materials which have the same type and same cross-section

Complete the automatic nesting of various pipes at one time.

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Supporting conventional nesting and edge-sharing nesting cutting; Supporting oblique angled edge-sharing nesting cutting.


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Three-cut Oblique Angled Edge-sharing Nesting Cutting

Three-cut cutting is industry’s unique which aims at oblique angled edge-sharing.

To remove end surface protrusion of oblique angled edge-sharing cutting, thus faciliate welding and reduce follow up manual processing.

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Automatic Island Edge-sharing

The system can automatically acheive island edge-sharing in the end surface; To be the first to ahcieve island one cut in the industry which greatly improved processing efficiency.

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Segment Processing

For long holes, in order to avoid cutting holes into the chuck, the contours are taking segment processing.

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Cutting Methods

As for different cutting ways for internal diameter and outer diameter, the system will componsate according to pipe thickness to ensure that the pipe can be successfully inserted.

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Advanced Pipe Processing Technology

Lantek owns professional pipe processing technologies:

processing order, cutting direction, compensation (system / CNC compensation), hierarchical / automatic layering, introducing and pinout, micro-connections, contour cutting, add / modify / delete cutting vectors, and so on.

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 Welding Beam Avoiding

The pipe welding position can be set to ensure that the cutting head could avoid welding beam in processing and aviod hole blasting in the weling joints.

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Equal-diameter Welding Groove Technology

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 Vertical Cutting and Normal Cutting

As for small hole, it takes vertical cutting in which that the pipe does not need to rotate and complete process quickly

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 Modify Vector Angle – Inner Corner Avoiding

As for special and abnormal-shaped pipe cutting, in order to avoid the collisiion between cutting and pipe, the vertor can be modified manually.

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 Comparasion Between Advanced 3D and 2D

For same part, it can simultaneously dispaly 3D and 2D data model to faciliate the displaying and editing of multi-surface pipe processing.

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 4-axis Cutting Settings and Applications

Support 4-axis processing module (adding a swing shaft to the cutting head)

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 5-axis Cutting Settings and Applications

Supports 5-axis processing modules; Adding swing and rotation axis or double swing to the cutting head

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Groove Welding Setting and Application

Groove application for 4-axis and 5-axis machines

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Simulation Processing

Simulation processing simulate the detailed single-step / single-profile / full-process to acheive real-time displaying of all axes coordinate information, automatically detect the cutting head collision and give alarming.

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Raw Material Inventory Management

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 Task Management

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 Offcut Management

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 Software For Tube Laser Cutting Machines

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