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Plate and Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Golden Laser is one of the best industrial Plate and Tube laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China since 2005.

With over 17 years of dual-use fiber laser cutting machine production experience, we sell a wide range of metal sheet and tube laser cutting machines for various metal plate and tube cutting demands, like cast steel plates, stainless steel plates, forged steel plates, Aluminum Alloy Plates, Brass plate, etc.

Customized services are also valid with our strong R&D ability.

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All You Need To Know About Plate and Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Plate and Tube laser cutting machine is one of dural use function fiber laser cutting machine both cutting different sheet metal and tubes or pipes in different thicknesses and diameters


Rotary devices combined with sheet metal cutting tables together share fiber lasers source and head for both metal and sheet cutting demand. Like a combo metal laser-cutting machine


Different Power fiber laser sources for choice (1500w to 6000w laser) can cut the different thicknesses of stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, Aluminum Alloy, and so on.




laser cutting beam

What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Plate and Tube Laser  Cutting Machines?


The Advantage:

1. With limited investment for one machine dural function to solve both metal sheet cutting and tube cutting demand. 


2. Save Space, need the smallest floor to put the machine, suit for the small metal workshop.


The Disadvantage:

1. Lose a bit of speed compared with the pure metal sheet laser cutting machine.


2. Tube Cutting speed and function will not be good as a professional tube laser cutting machine, better not to cut the finished tube longer than 50cm. Because there is no support for the finished tube

Plate and Tube Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturing Main Parts

Laser Source

Laser Source is the most important part of the sheet metal laser cutting machine, we mainly has IPG, nLIGHT, Raycus ... imported and domestic-made laser source for choice.

Laser Head

According to different customer demands, we can afford China, Swiss (Raytools), Germany (Precitec) Laser heads for choice.

Machine Structure Base

When Laser cutting at high speed, the heavy base of the machine structure will more important to reduce the shake of the sheet metal laser cutting machine.

Electric Parts

In order to ensure the quality and easy maintenance of the machine, the mainly electric spare parts use Shelider brand, world popular electric brand

Rotary Device

The high-speed rotary device with good resin various diameter wheel support to ensure the good and steady laser cutting of the pipes. 3 meter and 6-meter pipe rotary device for choice.

Automatic Lubrication

Automatic lubrication system, easy to maintain and prolong the service life of the fiber laser cutting machine

Laser CNC Controller

Golden Laser Mainly adopts China FSCUT and Germany Beckhoff for sheet metal laser cutting machines. Which supports MESS cloud demand.

Water Chiller

IPG appointed Tongfei brand water chiller as the standard water chiller for sheet metal laser cutting machine.

How to Work Plate and Tube Laser Cutting Machines?


The mechanism of the plate and tube laser cutting machine is primarily like this.


Loading the right metal sheet or tube onto the laser cutting machine


Input the right cutting design into the laser cutting machine software,


Set the right cutting design parameter according to the metal thickness and type of the steel, mild steel, stainless steel, Al, Brass, and so on.


Check the laser beam.


Start Laser Cutting Machine and collect the finished metal parts.

Why Choose Plate and Tube Laser Cutting Machine?

Smooth Cutting Edge

Laser Cutting Result on Metal is looking smooth and bright which other metal cutting machines couldn't compare with.

0 Scrap Rate

After setting the right parameter, the steel laser cutting machine will be working as your designed. 100% meet your cutting demand.

Low Production Cost

Steel Laser cutting machine only needs electric power and water when the machine working. The using life of a steel laser cutting machine is long, nearly no need for maintenance in the right operation. Compare with other cutting machines, the running cost is very limited.

Reduce Environmental Pollution

Laser Cutting Machine lets the material vaporize instantly. Full closed design easy to absorb the dust during the cutting into the filter. Then put the fresh air outside, it mostly reduces the environmental pollution.

One Machine Dural Function

Easy cut both metal sheet and metal tube according to the different cutting jobs.

Save Space in the Workshop

Compact Design to Save Space and also Meet Different Cutting Demands.

tube laser cutting
metal pipe laser cutting
laser pipe cutter

Considerations When Buying Plate and TubeLaser Cutting Machine

#1 What's the Main Thickness Do You Need to Cut?


It is important to choose the right laser power because the different laser power the price will very different. Choose according to the max thickness, the investment will easily go over your budget. Golden Laser support 1.5kw, 2kw, 3kw, 4kw, 6kw, 8kw, 12kw, 15kw, 30kw fiber laser and so on.

#3 What's the size of the metal tube diameter and length?


According to tube length, we have 3 meters and 6 meters tube cutting devices for choice. And the diameter of the tube will affect the chuck size to realize the high-efficiency cutting demand.

#5 Machine Quality and Factory Experience


As the laser source price reduces a lot, there are more and more metal machinery factories sale the steel laser cutting machine. But in order to supply a good quality steel laser cutting machine, need good experience on light route, electric route, and water route. It does not just compose them together. Golden Laser has 16 years of experience in producing good quality and steady steel laser cutting machines, on-time after service team to ensure the good user experience of the steel laser cutting machine.

#2 What's the size of the Metal Sheet?


A large area of metal sheet needs a large sheet metal area laser cutting machine it will affect the cost of the metal laser cutting machine price. Golden Laser affords, 1.5*3meter, 2*4meter, 2*6meter, 2.5*8meter area sheet metal laser cutting machine

#4 Understanding of the Industry Application Demand


A useful laser cutting machine is designed according to detailed customer demand, many functions are customized after deeply studying in customer's production find.  Which meet the potential demand and simplify and increase the efficiency of the production line. Strong R&D ability is important when you find steel laser cutting machine manufacturers.

#6 After-Sale Serviceability


Golden Laser exports the laser cutting machine to over 100 different countries and cities, you can check the quality of our machine locally and enjoy door to door on time after service through our agent or factory directly.

Plate and Tube Laser Cutting Machine Option Function

Automatic Loading System for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine


According to metal plate size and thickness, and production efficiency demand, we afford different layer sheet metal loading towels for choice.


Loader Layer

Max One Sheet Weight

Max Sheet Thickness


metal sheet loader
dust filter system


Laser Dust Filter for fiber laser metal cutting machine


Large Power Laser Cutting Dust Filter ensures the clean environment of the metal cutting room and good nature protection.


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