Full Closed Pallet Changer Fiber Laser Pipe and Sheet Cutting Machine

Short Description:

The full protection fiber laser cutting machine can be used in cutting metal sheets and pipes. Top imported parts and strict assembly process ensure the operation in safe, stable and high-speed. Specially apply for medical device, furniture, lighting lamps and other industries etc.

  • Model number: GF-1530JHT / GF-2040JHT / GF-2060JHT / GF-2560JHT
  • Laser power: 1000w 1500w 2000w 2500w 3000w 4000w
  • Laser source: IPG / nLight fiber laser generator
  • Cnc controller: Cypcut
  • Cutting area: 1.5m X 3m, 2.0m X 4.0m, 2.0m X6.0m, 2.5m X6.0m
  • Tube length: 3m, 6m
  • Tube diameter: 20mm-200mm
  • Machine Details

    Material & Industry Application

    Machine Technical Parameters

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    Full Closed Dual Table Fiber Laser Pipe and Sheet Cutting Machine

    GF1530JHT machine with pallet table and tube rotating device,which adopts laser technology, computer control technology and high-performance CNC laser power system to process all kinds of metal sheet and tubes at high speed,high accurate,high efficiently cutting.And it has smooth edge,small kerf width and little heat effect.Cut the shape of Round, Square, Circle, Triangle, Octagonal tubes and various thickness of metal sheets.

    Main Features

    1. Full protection design, sealed working space, make your cutting process safer.

    2. Simple operating system, let you complete the graphics you want in the carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheet metal.

    3. Professional CNC pipe cutting system, easy to use, make your operation and maintenance easier.

    4. Import high-end accessories to provide users with powerful cutting ability and efficiency, ensuring high-precision and stable operation of the machine.

    Machine Details

    dual working table

    Dual Exchange Working Table

    Inter-switching workbench, exchange fast,

    saving loading time.

    Full Enclosed Cover

    Full protective enclosure design provides safety protection from unseen laser radiation and mechanical movement.

    steel sheet and tube laser cutter
    carbon steel pipe and sheet laser cutting machine

    High Damping Bed

    Granty double driving structure with high damping bed is of goodrigidy, high speed and high acceleration speed.

    Tube Cutting

    Cutting round tube,square tube,oval tube,other irregular-shaped tube etc.

    Tube cutting diameter 20mm-200mm.

    tube laser cutting samples

    Can Cut Both Metal Sheets and Tubes

    It can cut sheets and pipes at the same time, one machine dual use; Integrated machines are ideal for transition companies.

    sheet and tube laser cutting machine price

    Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Sheets and Tubes Samples

    tube and sheet samples

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  • Applicable Industry

    Furniture, Medical Device, Fitness Equipment, Oil Exploration, Display Shelf, Farm Machinery, Bridge, Boating, Structure Parts

    metal sheet laser cutter

    Applicable Materials

    Stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum plate, brass,copper, galvanized steel sheet and tube

    Applicable Types Of Tubes

    Round, square, rectangular, oval, waist round tube and other metal pipes

    fiber laser sheet cutting machine

    Metal sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine
    GF-1530JHT / GF-2040JHT / GF-2060JHT / GF-2560JHT
    Laser power
    Laser source
    Laser head
    Gas Proportional valve
    Sheet processing
    1.5m X 3m, 2.0m X 4.0m, 2.0m X6.0m, 2.5m X6.0m
    Tube processing
    tube length 3m,6m,,tube diameter 20-300mm
    Position accuracy
    Repeat position accuracy
    Maximum position speed
    Format supported
    AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc ,
    9.5m x 5.8m
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