Laser Cutting Dust

Laser Cutting Dust – Ultimate Solution


What is laser cutting dust?

Laser cutting is a high-temperature cutting method that can vaporize the material instantly during the cutting process. In this process, the material which after being cut will stay in the air in the form of dust. That is what we called laser cutting dust or laser cutting smoke or laser fume.


What are the effects of laser cutting dust?

We know many products will have a strong smell during the burning. It is smelled terrible, furthermore together with the dust will have some harmful gas, that will irritate of eyes, nose, and throat.

In metal laser cutting processing, the dust will not only affect your health if absorb too much fume but also affect the cutting result of the materials and increase the risk of the broken of the laser lens, affect the cutting quality of the final products, enlarge your production cost.

So, we should take care of the laser cutting dust on time in our laser processing. laser cutting health concerns is important.


How to Reduce the Laser Fume Effects, (Reducing the Risk of Laser Cutting Dust Exposure)?

Golden Laser working in the laser cutting machine industry for more than 16 years, we always care about the health of the operator during production.
Collect the laser cut dust will be the first step because it is couldn’t avoid the dust during the processing.


How many methods to collect the laser cutting dust?


1. Fullclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Design.

In order to ensure a good operating environment, the metals laser cutting machine design in full closed type with an exchange table, which will ensure the laser cutting smoke into the machine body, and also easy to load the metal sheet for laser cutting.

full closed design laser cutting machine

2.Multi-distributed top dusting method combined with closed design to isolate laser cutting dust.

the top multi-distributed vacuum design is adopted, combined with the large suction fan, multi-directional and multi-window synchronously evacuates the dust smoke and excludes the designated sewage outlet, so as to prevent the workshop, also give you green Environmental protection.

top exhaust method

3.Independent partition dust extraction channel design

Adopt the built-in exhaust pipe system of strong performance: avoiding the smoke flying in the production process, ensuring the safety of production and saving energy and environmentally friendly, Strong suction and dust removal can effectively prolong the service life of machine parts, then it can reduce the possibility of direct heat deformation of the machine bed.

exhuast pipe design

Let’s check the result of collect the laser cutting dust by video:


All the Dust and Harmful Gas will Collect by Laser Cutter Fume Extractor.


According to the different power of fiber laser cutting machines, we will adopt the different power laser cutter exhaust fans, which affords the strong absorbability of the dust. After collecting the dust from the laser cutting, then we need to clean them and make them recyclable.


Different from laser cutter fume extractors, the professional dust filter system adopts more than 4 filter tan which couldn’t clean the dust in a few seconds. After the clean of the laser cutting dust, the fresh air can be directly put out from the window.

Golden Laser focuses to update the laser equipment technology according to CE and FDA demand, it also complies with OSHA regulations.