P30120 Pipe & Tube Laser Cutting Machine For Heavy Machinery And Steel Structure

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Golden Laser customized model tube/pipe laser cutting machine P30120 is specially used for heavy machinery and steel structure industry. It is applied in processing tube length 12m, diameter 20-300mm.


Model number: P30120

Laser source: IPG / nLIGHT fiber laser generator

Laser power: 1500w (1000w 2000w 2500w 3000w 4000w optional)

Cnc controller: Cypcut / Germany PA HI8000

Nesting software: Spain Lantek

Tube length: 12m

Tube diameter: 20mm-300mm

Applicable materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized steel etc.

Applicable types of tubes: round,square, rectangle, waist round tube, oval tubes etc.

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Stainless Steel Round Pipe Fiber Laser Tube cutting Machine P30120

12m pipe laser cutting machine

Golden Laser tube/pipe laser cutting machine P30120 adopts most sophisticated fiber laser resonator N-light / IPG from USA, and imported fiber laser cutting head Raytools, combining self-design Gantry CNC machine and high strength welding body. After high temperature annealing and precision machining by large CNC milling machine, it has good rigidity and stability with imported high precision spare parts, like linear guide drive, high-speed servo motor. Aluminum beam, advanced heat treatment process, high strength, light weight, good rigidity.

1500w Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine (metal cutting thickness ability)


Cutting Limit

Clean Cut

Carbon steel



Stainless steel












Galvanized steel



Machine Features

laser tube cutting

Integrated main body makes the whole machine with good concentricity, verticality and precision.

Visual scale adjustable support lifting device saves feeding time, ensures concentricity, prevents pipe swinging.

Integrated circuits, streamline laying provides easy maintenance and low failure rate.

High damping bed, good rigidity, high speed and acceleration.

Machine Components

Advanced Chuck Clamping System

advanced chuck

Chuck center self-adjustment, automatically adjusts clamping force according to the profile specifications and ensures no damage to thin pipe.

Dual motive chucks are compatible with a variety of pipe without adjusting jaws.

Automatic Floating Support

laser cutting machine for pipe price

The floating support is controlled by the servo motor and it can adjust the support point according to the pipe diameter quickly.

Three-axis linkage

three-axis linkage

During the cutting head movement.,feeding axis(X axis)、chuck rotation axis(Y axis)、cutting head(Z axis )three-axis linkage.

Welding seam recognition

welding seam recognition

Identify welding Seam,to aviod welding seam during cutting process automatically, and prevent holes from popping.

Automatic correction

automatic correction

For the bent and deformed pipe,the automatic correction function can realize the segmented edge search,automatic correction find the center point of the curved tube to cut, and ensure the cutting precision.

Automatic Collecting Device

laser cutting machine for steel pipe

The floating support device collects the finished pipes automatically; The floating support is controlled by the servo motor and it can adjust the support point according to the pipe diameter quickly; The floating panel support will hold the large diameter pipe tightly.



When cutting to the last part of the material, the front chuck is automatically open, and the back chuck jaw passes through the front chuck to reduce the cutting blind area.Tubes with diameters less than 100 mm and wastage materials at 50-80 mm;Tubes with diameters more than 100 mm and wastage materials at 180-200 mm.

Optional – the third axis cleaning inner wall device

laser tube cutter price

Due to the laser cutting process, the slag will inevitably adhere to the inner wall of the opposite pipe. In particular, some pipes with smaller diameters will have more slag. For some of high applications demands, the third shaft pick-up device can be added to prevent slag from adhering to the inner wall.

Spanish Lantek software - Focus on tube parts design module

tube lantek software

12m Length Tube Laser Cutter Customer Site

P30120 Laser Tube Cutting Video

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  • Applicable Industry fiber laser cutter P30120 pipe laser machine can cut 12m tube,and tube diameter from 20mm to 300mm,it is applied to metal furniture, medical device, fitness equipment, sports equipment, display shelf, agriculture machinery,steel structure,fire control, heavy machine,euqipment manufacturing and pipe processing industry etc.


    Applicable Types of Tubes

    tube cutting

    Laser Tube Cutting Samples



    Carbon Steel Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine P30120 Technical Parameters

    Model number P30120
    Laser power 1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 2500w / 3000w / 4000w
    Laser source IPG / nLight fiber laser resonator
    Tube length 12000mm
    Tube diameter 20mm-300mm
    Tube type Round, square, rectangular, oval, OB-type, C-type, D-type,triangle, etc (standard); Angle steel, channel steel, H-shape steel, L-shape steel, etc (option)
    Repeat position accuracy ± 0.03mm
    Position accuracy ± 0.05mm
    Position speed Max 90m/min
    Chuck rotate speed Max 105r/min
    Acceleration 1.2g
    Graphic format Solidworks, Pro/e, UG, IGS
    Bundle size 800mm*800mm*6000mm
    Bundle weight Max 2500kg
    Other Related Professional Pipe Laser Cutting Machine With Automatic Bundle Loader
    Model number P2060A P3080A P30120A
    Pipe processing length 6m 8m 12m
    Pipe processing diameter Φ20mm-200mm Φ20mm-300mm Φ20mm-300mm
    Applicable types of pipes Round, square, rectangular, oval, OB-type, C-type, D-type,triangle, etc (standard); Angle steel, channel steel, H-shape steel, L-shape steel, etc (option)
    Laser source IPG/N-light fiber laser resonator
    Laser power 700W/1000W/1200W/2000W/2500W/3000W/4000W
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