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3D 5Axis Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine -Bevel Cutting Laser

The swivel cutting head of the 3D 5-axis fiber laser pipe cutting machine can swing at positive and negative angles, and the cutting head forms a 45-degree bevel cut with the pipe surface, thereby realizing the pipe bevel cutting process. Compared with the traditional pipe cutting machine, the three-dimensional cutting ability is increased. Facilitate seamless welding.

  • Model number : i 25 -3D / i 25A-3D / (P2560A-3D)
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Supply Ability: 100 Sets Per Month
  • Port: Wuhan / Shanghai or as your requirement
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

3D 5axis Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine - with Rotary 3D Laser Cutting Head for Tube Bevel Cutting..Suit for different shape groove bevel cutting on metal tubes, the tube outer diameter can be 20-250mm, metal tube length 6meter. With Auto tubes bundle loading system for automatic tube laser cutting process.

5 axis head

 Rotary 3D Laser Cutting Head Imported from Germany

Swivel Laser Cutting Head is Made of Imported German Technology

The Maximum Angle of The Swing Axis is ±160°

The Pipe Bevel Cutting Machine's Maximum Operating Speed is 170m/min

Maximum Acceleration is 1.2G

Groove Cutting Ability ( Beveling Ability)


Excellent Groove Cutting Ability of the Pipe End Surface


Make the Pipe Splicing More Beautiful After Cutting


Avoid Cutting the Weld Seam of The Pipe Itself (No Broken of The Welding Tubes)


Realize the Groove cutting of Various Shapes such as Round holes and Square holes on The Pipe Surface


Ability to Perfectly Match the Penetration Splicing Between the Tube and The after Finished Cutting.

45 degree bevel cutting
floating support 5 axis

Floating Tubes Support System


The Latest Floating Support System is Adopted.

Automatically Adapts to The Change of The Pipe Rotation Attitude

Always in Contact With the Bottom of The Pipe to Achieve Continuous Support

Stable Large Pipe During Laser Cutting

Full-thickness Steel Plate Welding Machine Structure:


The machine body is stable, has a long service life, and is not easily deformed.


The thickness of the welding plate of the machine structural is up to 25 mm,


The single machine weighs up to 7 tons.

machine body
Automatic calibration device during holding of the tube

Auxiliary Feeding and Centering Device


Two auxiliary feeding and centering devices are arranged at the front and back of the feeding end.

Centering Device Controls the falling position of the pipe and fixes it accurately in place, when the feeding machine manipulator drops the pipe to the feeding end


The Chuck can Automatically and Quickly Move to the Eed of Pipe for Clamping.

Professional Self-centering Pneumatic Chuck Clamping System


The chuck is made of high-bearing steel material, with high sealing performance and good dynamic performance.

The intermediate chuck is innovatively embedded in a casting frame and integrated with the main body of the machine structure.


No need to adjust the jaw position for full stroke clamping.


The maximum speed can reach 120r/min.

chuck for 5axis machine
pipe receiver

Automatic Tube Material Receiving Device

Crawler Receiving Device to Realize Automatic Sorting and Storage of workpieces

Avoid Broken During Tubes Falling

Saving Labor Cost

The Auto Bundle Loading System

Improve Production Efficiency

The Automatic Loading System Realizes the Automatic Continuous Production, is Especially For Mass Production Demand.

Tubes auto feeding system suit for 800*800mm bundle pipe loading. With automatic measure function to ensure loading the right pipe without any mistake. The alarm warning system reminds the operator during the whole production, PLC controller of the automatic loading system easy to adjust according to the detail processing demand, Autoloading, Your best choice for mass bevel cutting machine for pipes...

automatic pipe loader system

3D Tube Laser Cutting Machine Video with Beveling Welding Result

Samples Compare Between 3D Pipe Bevel Cutting Machine for Tubes and Normal 2D Laser Tube Cutting Machine for Pipes

5 Axis Laser Cutting Result

3D Laser Tube Cutting Result

Compare With

2D laser cutting result

2D Laser Tube Cutting Result

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  • Material & Industry Application

    3D Laser Tube Cutting Application:

    Mainly for tube angle cutting, 45-degree angle cutting for Channel Steel, I-beam and so on.

    3D laser tube cutting widely used in heavy machinery, Shipbuilding, construction industry and so on.


    Machine Technical Parameters

    Model number  i 25-3D / i 25A-3D /  (P2560A-3D)
    Tube length 6000mm, 8000mm optional
    Tube diameter 20-250mm / 20-350mm
    Laser Head  Imported 3D Tube Laser Head BLT / Golden Laser 3D head for Choice
    Laser source Imported fiber laser resonator IPG / N-Light / China Laser Source Raycus / Max
    Servo Motor Yaskawa Bus Motor
    Laser source power 3000w 4000w 6000w optional
    Position accuracy ±0.05mm
    Repeat position accuracy ±0.03mm
    Rotating speed 130r/min
    Acceleration 1.2G
    Max Weight for Single Tube  225kg (Φ200mm*8mm*6000mm)
    Cutting speed depend on material, laser source power
    Electric power supply AC380V 50/60Hz
    Auto tube Feeder  i 25A-3D including the auto tube feeder

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