Why Choose Golden Vtop Fiber Laser Sheet and Tube Cutting Machine

1530 laser sheet cutting machine

Full Enclosed Strurcture

metal sheet laser cutting machine

1. The real Full enclosed structure design completely pretents all visible laser in the equipment working area inside, to reduce laser radiation damaget, and provide safty protection for operator’s processing environment;

2. During metal laser cutting process , it produces heavily dust smoke. With such full closed structure , it ensures good segregation all dust smoke from outside . Concerning about the principle of hot smoke dust dynamic flow ,we adopt roof multiple distributed pump design instead of traditionalbottom pump design. Meanwhile , we have upgraded big powerful fans to work , aiming at minimize the dust pollution , to keep clean and friendly working environment and protect the health of the operator from long run.

Control Table

stainless steel laser cutting machine

1. Abandon the traditional equipment shell embedded operation platform, it uses external rotary control platform, retain the integrity of the overall appearance of the equipment, cater to the high-end CNC equipment industrial design standards.

2. The console rotates in three dimensions at a 270 degree Angle to support multi-dimensional operation

3. Monitoring window, operation interface, high-end numerical control panel, wireless mouse and keyboard are integrated into the operation table. Only one same interface can be realized switching the machine on and off , or restart in standby maintenance state .

4. The device is equipped with high-definition surveillance camera, real-time dynamic display of the whole process of laser cutting.Equipment operation and machine operation status monitoring can be considered at the same time.

5. The device is equipped with high-definition surveillance camera, real-time dynamic display of the whole process of laser cutting.Equipment operation and machine operation status monitoring can be considered at the same time.



stainless steel sheet laser cutting machine


10mm carbon steel laser cutting

 Golden Vtop adopts nLIGHT laser Generator-High reflective metal cutting capacity

The nLIGHT laser has advantage in high-reflective metal material cutting performance, to achieve normal processing of aluminum, brass, copper, gold and silver etc, while it has outstanding cutting performance of conventional carbon steel and stainless steel as well.

carbon steel fiber laser cutting machine

NLIGHT laser – prevents condensation

With NEMA 12 standard sealing design, all modules have CDA gas purification interface. Built-in humidity sensor and internal locking device, which can be easy to integrate into the equipment.The continuous input of low pressure air inside the laser which can ensure that the laser is always in dry environment. Decreasing the effect of external environment temperature and humidity on the laser to minimum. Meanwhile , he internallaser source is filled with air ,to form pressure gradually, then to form shielding layer of laser external barrier , which aviod dust going inside , it can keep the laser inside cleaning. These such innovative designs of Nlight source have greatly prolong the lifetime of laser.Thus, the laser can be separately equipped with air conditioner, to maintain its constant stbale temperature and prevent condensation efficiently . Therefore, nLIGHT laser has this unique advantage in strong tolerance to poor environment condition.

cnc fiber laser cutters for metalNLIGHT laser – modules are not easily to damage

full cover fiber laser cutting machine


1. According to the tracking of customer equipment usage in recent years, the statistical analysis of laser failure rate data shows that the failure rate of nLIGHT laser is much lower than other brands, the module damage rate is almost zero, and remain the long-term stable running performance. It has got a lot of new and old customers the favor and trust, , eliminating the doubts of the nLIGHT laser in the initial stage, and stickly to choose the nLIGHT brand after using it.

2. And for some other laser brands .after using a period of time, especially after beyond warranty time, The internal laser moudle damage rate is very high and often , caused by ondensation or some other problems. To make replacement of new module price is very high, cycle time is long.the customer sufferred an inreasing loss for such issue.


Water Chiller

optical fiber metal laser cuttin machine

Auto-focusing cutting head

fiber laser cutter for automotive parts

metal sheet laser cutter

 Welded Machine Body

2040 sheet fiber laser cutting machine

 Rack guide rail mounting surface

laser cutter for fitness equipment

Gas Circuit

laser cutter with exchange table

pipe fiber laser cutting machine

Metal Sheet And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine -3 m tube cutting

GF-T Series

fiber laser cutting machine with rotary


square tube laser cutter

Equipment QC inspection hardware

cnc fiber metal laser cutter

 Machine inspection reports

aluminum laser cutting machine

GF-JH Series Machine Demo Video

GF-JHT Series Machine Demo Video


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