Technica firmamentum



Convenit ut anxius et perfectum servitium, nos non habere perfectum pre-emptio venditio, locatio Sales et ministerium post Sales-systems, ut deducerent comprehensive administratione etiam in sequentibus locis:


Firstly, Sound customer file management


1. Each customer has its own file in the global after-sales service information processing system of golden laser, thus it can ensure the software upgrades in a timely manner;

2. Each service activity (maintenance, return visit, customer satisfaction survey etc.) is recorded in detail and can be queried and analyzed at any time. Periodically count maintenance records of customer equipment and make reasonable suggestions for users.


Secondly, Strict technical team management


1. Quilibet-Sales ministerium tres personas solemnes post laser capillus habet aureum collegium gradu vel supra, et inter curatores post-Sales ministerium passus longa-term technology assessionem systema nostrum internum Transierunt studio et labore, ut prius edoctus.

2. The interests of customers are always the first, and it is the unshakable responsibility of caring and respecting every customer. We guarantee that from the acceptance of complaints to the on-site service, every request from the customer will be fully paid by golden laser.

3. The golden laser service center will from time to time after-sales service personnel for technical training, update technical knowledge and improve service skills.

4. In order to ensure continuous improvement of customer service, we have also established a competition mechanism and talent reserve mechanism for survival of the fittest and talented people, so as to ensure that users can receive continuous satisfactory services.


Tertio Latin procuratio servitium mores


1. statutum est a comitatu est unum codicem conductum et taxationem criteria ut a ministerio processus est normatum officia et agendi ratio et religio, ex suscepto munere contineatur. Et qualis est in officia propria causa differentiae reducuntur uitari.

2. The company has established a multi-faceted service supervision system. Severe penalties will be imposed on those who violate professional ethics and service norms.

Quarta pars est, venenum blanda notitia administratione channel


1. Customers nobiscum fieri potest per varias vias, ut telephono, fax, littera: E-mail, et nuntius website.

2. The golden laser customer service center pays close attention to the above channels in real time. The customer's consultation, complaints and other requirements will be given back in the shortest time, and strive to maximize customer satisfaction.


technica firmamentum

Ut melius serve omnes users, et anxietas-liberum et tutum products users investiunt in laser apparatibus, aurea laser providere users cum est bonum post-Sales ministerium.


We have established a global after-sales service information processing system and  have 400-969-9920 after-sales service hotline to accept customer inquiries, complaints and repair requirements, and track customers 24 hours a day. Our customers can enjoy the following services:


1. From the date of purchase, enjoy free software upgrades for life.


2. After the machine arrival, our technical staff will also in site to provide first-time installation, commissioning and technical training for users, to ensure that customers can skillfully operate the equipment. After the customer signs and confirms, the training can be completed;


3. After the new machine installation and training are completed for 2-3 days, the Gold Laser Customer Service Center will call back customer. The call back includes the following aspects:
a) Is the equipment installed and commissioned in place, and are you satisfied with the equipment?
b) Whether the customer has mastered the operation method and whether it can operate independently, what help is needed?
c) Are you satisfied with the training engineer's work attitude?
d) Does the after-sales engineer inform the customer after the customer service center sales call 400-969-9920?


4. According to the return situation, If there is any problem, the customer service center will notify the customer service technical engineer or training engineer to take measures to resolve. If it still can not be resolved, we will deliver "work contact letter" feedback to the relevant technology research and development departments to help solve. After the completion, the customer service center will return to customers.


5. In order to maximize the benefits of customers and promote the continuous improvement of the Golden laser service, each customer will receive more than three times call back, which are:

a) Three days later after the new machine installation training is completed;
b) Three months later after new machine installation training;
c) Customer request for repairing or after-sales service;
d) Sampling return visits for the same type of machine and seeking improvement;


6. Golden laser service center phone 400-969-9920 free service call will accept customer inquiries, complaints and repair requirements, and the customer service center dispatched after-sales engineers for on site repairs. We promise that customers located within 300 km of the golden laser service outlets, after-sales engineers will be on-site service and maintenance within 24 hours of receiving complaints; customers located 300 kilometers away from the after-sales service outlet, after-sales engineers will accept complaints within 72 hours On-site service and maintenance; for foreign customers we will respond within 10 hours, make repair services within 72 hours.

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