The Application Of VTOP Fully Automatic Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine In Metal Furniture Industry

The current pain point in the steel furniture manufacturing industry

1. The process is complicated: traditional furniture takes over the industrial manufacturing process for picking—saw bed cutting—turning machine processing—slanting surface—drilling position proofing and punching—drilling—cleaning—transfer welding requires 9 processes.

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2. Difficult to process small tube: the specifications of the raw materials for manufacturing furniture are uncertain. The smallest one is 10mm*10mm*6000mm, and the wall thickness of the pipe is generally 0.5-1.5mm. The biggest problem in the processing of small pipe is that the pipe itself has low rigidity and is easily deformed by external force, such as pipe bending, twisting, and bulging after extrusion. Traditional processing procedures, such as sawing machine cutting, sawing machine processing section and beveling, punch punching, drilling machine drilling, etc., are contact processing methods that force the shape of the pipe to be deformed by external force extrusion, plus so many processes and many people The processing flow, the protection capacity of the pipe is almost no, often to the final stage of the finished product, the surface of the pipe has been scratched or even deformed, and it requires secondary manual repair, which is time consuming and laborious.

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3. Poor machining accuracy: Under the traditional processing method of steel furniture pipe, the overall precision of the pipe cannot be guaranteed. Whether it is machining such as sawing machine, punching machine or drilling machine, there are machining errors, especially for processing equipment with low degree of automation control. The more the process sequence is, the more the machining error accumulates. All of the above processing methods require human intervention in the process control, and human error will be added to the final product accuracy error. Therefore, the accuracy of the traditional multi-process processing method is not controllable and guaranteed. In the final product stage, manual repair and repair is the normal state.

4. Low processing efficiency: The sawing machine has certain advantages for synchronous cutting and chamfering of multiple pipes, but the cutting efficiency of the opening of the pipe is extremely low, and it is necessary to change the cutting angle and position of the saw blade for multiple positioning and cutting, which is neither efficient nor achievable. Control accuracy. Punch presses can be used for batch punching of standard shape holes such as round holes and square holes. However, there are many types of hole types in the furniture industry. The punching machine has a lot of processing ability for such holes, unless the customer causes Spend more experience and cost to develop a variety of different molds. Everyone knows that the drilling machine can only process round holes, and the processing is more limited. The processing limitations and inefficiencies of each process result in inefficiencies in overall product output.

5. High labor cost: For the sawing, punching and drilling in the traditional processing mode, the biggest feature is the human intervention. The operation of each device needs to be manually guarded, because the automation of such equipment is extremely low. For the processing of such non-sheet processing objects of pipes, manual control is required for each part of feeding, positioning, processing and reclaiming. Therefore, it can often be seen in the furniture processing industry workshop, many equipment, many workers. Nowadays, with the development of market conditions, business owners are lamenting that workers are becoming more and more mobile, and they are becoming more and more difficult to recruit. The wage requirements of workers are also rising. Labor costs may account for a large portion of corporate profits.

6. Poor product quality: The accuracy and quality of the finished pipe directly affect the final product. Burr, peripheral deformation of the machine, dirt on the inner wall of the pipe, etc. are not allowed for high-end furniture manufacturing. However, whether it is sawing machine cutting, punching, or drilling, it is undoubted that these problems will be exposed after processing the pipe. Manual deburring, trimming, and cleaning work in subsequent operations cannot be avoided.

7. There is a serious lack of flexibility: Nowadays, the demand for consumers is becoming more and more personalized, so the future furniture design is definitely more and more individualized. The traditional sawing machine, punching machine, drilling machine and other equipment are old-fashioned, and the simple craft can not support the new design and creative inspiration. Shine into reality. The inefficiency, inferior quality, and high cost shortcomings of the traditional processing mode will seriously hinder the pace of research and development of new products, and give the market a head start.

 What innovations can the fully automatic laser pipe cutter bring to the furniture manufacturing industry? What are the characteristics of the equipment?

stainless steel pipe laser cutting machine

1. The new main force in the processing of bismuth metal pipes: fiber laser cutting is a new weapon for metal processing in recent years. Later, it is gradually replacing traditional shearing, punching, drilling and sawing. The pipe material is also metal, and the furniture industry pipe is made of stainless steel, which is in line with the advantages of fiber laser cutting. Fiber laser high-efficiency photoelectric conversion efficiency, excellent beam quality, high focusing density laser energy, fine cutting gap, can be used in the furniture industry pipe processing. The rotary chuck of the Vexo laser fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine has a rotational speed of up to 120 rpm, and the ability of the fiber laser to cut the stainless steel at ultra-high speed. The combination of the two makes the pipe processing efficiency half the effort. At the same time, when the fiber laser cuts the pipe, the laser cutting head does not contact the pipe, but is laser-projected onto the surface of the pipe for melting and cutting, so it belongs to the non-contact processing mode, effectively avoiding the problem of pipe deformation under the traditional processing mode. The section cut by the fiber laser is neat and smooth, and there is no burr after cutting. Therefore, the dual advantages of efficiency and quality are the important guarantee for fiber laser cutting to become the new main force in metal pipe processing.

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2. Customized configuration to help the processing efficiency and quality upgrade: for the furniture industry, the small, thin, material is mainly stainless steel characteristics, we use targeted configuration to improve the processing efficiency and processing quality of the furniture industry pipe. Special module fiber laser, special fiber, non-conventional focal length fiber laser cutting head, all the advantages of the configuration focus on the cutting ability of the special pipe in the furniture industry, the efficiency of the stainless steel pipe of the same specification is cut by our conventional standard fiber laser cutting machine Nearly 30%, while bringing better cutting results.

3. Batch automatic production of pipes: After the bundled pipes are placed in the automatic feeding machine, one button is started, and the pipes are automatically fed, divided, fed, automatically clamped, fed, cut and unloaded in one go. Thanks to our automatic loading and unloading function developed on the fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine, the pipe can realize the possibility of batch processing. Small pipe materials in the furniture industry take up less space. The same type of equipment can pack more pipes in one load, so it has more advantages. One person is on duty, and the whole process is completed automatically. This is the embodiment of efficiency.

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4. Tube clamping relaxation: For the small tube of the furniture industry, the laser cutting chuck is more rigid. If the clamping force is too large, the pipe is easily deformed, the clamping force is too small, and the pipe length is longer. During the cutting process, the pipe rotates at a high speed and is easily detached. Therefore, the clamping force of the chuck of the pipe cutting equipment in the furniture industry must be adjustable, and the debugging method must be easily realized. The self-centering pneumatic chuck configured by the fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine can realize self-centering in the pipe clamping, once in the clamping position, and the pipe center is in place once. At the same time, the power of the chuck clamping is derived from the input air pressure. The gas input line is equipped with a gas pressure regulating valve, and the clamping force can be easily adjusted by rotating the knob on the air pressure regulating valve.

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5. Practical and reliable dynamic support ability: The longer the pipe length, the more serious the deformation of the pipe after it is suspended. After the pipe is loaded, although the chuck is clamped before and after, the middle part of the pipe will sag due to gravity, and the high-speed rotation of the pipe will become a skipping attitude, so the cutting will affect the cutting precision of the pipe. If the conventional manual adjustment method of the top material support is adopted, only the support requirements of the round pipe and the square pipe can be solved, but for the pipe cutting of the irregular section type such as the rectangular pipe and the elliptical pipe, the manual adjustment of the top material support is invalid. . Therefore, the floating top support and tail support of our equipment configuration is a professional solution. When the pipe rotates, it will show different postures in the space. The floating top material support and the tail material support can automatically adjust the support height in real time according to the change of the pipe attitude, so it can ensure that the bottom of the pipe is always inseparable from the top of the support shaft, which plays a dynamic support of the pipe. effect. The floating top material support and the floating tail material support work together to maintain the positioning stability of the pipe before and after cutting, thereby ensuring the cutting precision.

6. Process concentration and process diversity: use 3D drawing software to design various patterns that need to be processed, such as cut-off, beveling, opening, notching, marking, etc., and then convert them into NC machining programs in one step through professional nesting software. , input to the professional CNC system of the device configuration, and then retrieve the corresponding cutting process parameters from the process database, and the machining can be started with one button. An automated cutting process completes the traditional sawing, car, punching, drilling and other processes. The centralized completion of the process brings controllable and guaranteed processing accuracy, as well as high efficiency and low cost. This addition and subtraction of arithmetic problems must be clear to every business operator.

7. The use of professional fiber laser cutting machines for steel furniture industry pipes has brought new changes to the pipe processing technology. Since we started research and development of fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine, we have positioned ourselves in the industry, making the industry in-depth, professional, and meticulous. The steel furniture industry has become a model case for our pipe cutting machine. On the road of R&D, exploration and innovation over the years, we have accumulated a lot of technical experience and developed many efficient and innovative innovations for the furniture manufacturing industry. Process. The original need to be welded, can now be buckled and fixed; the original need to be spliced, can be directly bent; the original pipe utilization is very low, now can use the common edge cutting function to achieve better pipe savings and more products Out, and so on, these new processing techniques are used in the furniture industry pipe processing case, and the benefits are of course users of our equipment.

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 Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Furniture

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